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Hendersonville Country Club has its origins in the 1920's as a part of a real estate development called Laurel Park Estates. The ambitious plan included plans for a grand, 15-story Fleetwood Hotel on top of Hebron Mountain. Legendary golf course architect Donald Ross designed the course. Work on the development was halted in the early 1930's as a result of the Great Depression, and the city of Hendersonville took over ownership. In 1933, the first 9 holes of the course opened, soon followed by the second 9.

Members of Hendersonville Rotary Club purchased the golf course during the 1930's, sold it back to the city and leased the right to operate the Club. In 1945, the Club Members purchased the Club back from the city. Over the years, a swimming pool, tennis courts and a fitness facility were added. The Club has evolved into a very active private club with a diverse membership.