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One of Donald Ross' Signature Jewels

Hendersonville Country Club is home to a par 70, 18-Hole course, driving range and three putting / chipping greens. True to Ross' form, the course is easy to walk with rolling hills, mature pines and hardwoods, and six sets of tees for all skill levels. The mens and womens golf associations keep active schedules with a variety of fun events throughout the year. Hendersonville is truly a city of four seasons and our cool summers and mild winters allow the golf course to remain open year-round.

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February 26, 2024

Carts: 90 Degrees
Range: Middle Deck


  • Senior Men's Golf Association ~ Monday mornings
  • WGA 18-Hole ~ Tuesday and Thursday mornings
  • Family Golf on Saturday afternoons in the summer
  • Full-Service Golf Pro Shop including custom club fitting and club repair
  • Two practice greens for putting
  • Short-game green for chipping, pitching and bunker practice
  • Driving range
  • Bag Storage and lockers
  • Group and individual lessons are available
  • Junior clinics during season
  •  PGA Junior League

Categories and Pricing

Hendersonville Country Club as three membership categories to fit a wide array of life-styles.

Nominee requirements

Well-qualified candidates will be sponsored by three members of the Club, with the primary sponsor having known the nominee at least six months, and seconders having met the nominee either socially or professionally. Please contact the Membership Director for additional information about membership or to learn more about HCC.


Upon receipt of the Nominee Profile, the candidate may start their membership immediately. Nominees will have 6 months to move from Provisional Member to Member with the submission of 3 Member Sponsor Forms. If the Membership Application with 3 Member Sponsor Forms is not complete within 6 months, your Provisional Membership is terminated with refund of initiation fee. (All applications are subject to approval and may be denied by the Membership Committee and or Board of Directors).

Local Rules

Players may lift, clean and place the ball, within one club length, no closer to the hole in the fairway being played.
When a players ball is not found or is known or virtually certain to be out of bounds, the player may proceed as follows rather than under stroke and distance. For two penalty strokes, you may drop the ball in the vicinity of where the ball is estimated to have come to rest on course or last crossed the of course boundary to go out of bounds. You may also drop in the fairway of the hole being played no more than two club lengths from the edge of the fairway no closer to the hole (2 penalty strokes) Out of bounds are defined by white stakes and includes the edge of the paved road which is nearer the fairway on hole #11. All walled areas of the swimming pool and tennis courts are O.B.
One stroke penalty relief allowed. Yellow lines allow two relief options; red lines give lateral relief option in addition to the two relief options for yellow. All surface drainage ditches are considered penalty areas whether they are marked or not (red area).
All cart paths and maintenance roads, all concrete catch basins and catch basin grates and all shelters are immoveable obstructions. The concrete catch basin on #11 and mounding above it is considered part of the construction of the basin. Relief: Stance and swing relief plus one club length, no nearer the hole.
Play is prohibited; the player must take relief outside the area not nearer the hole; stance and swing relief plus one club length.
Range finders: Any range finder is acceptable for club use in all events.
If the players' ball, stance, or area of intended swing is affected by an abnormal ground condition in general area the player may take relief. If the player elects to take relief from ball the player must drop the ball within 1 club length of the nearest point of relief not nearer the hole. The player may not drop the ball onto a putting green. In a bunker the player may take 1 club length free relief no nearer the hole or under penalty of one stroke, outside the bunker, keeping the point where the ball lay directly between the hole and the spot on which the ball is dropped, with no limit to how far behind the bunker the ball may be dropped. Relief is afforded from temporary water on the line of play if the ball is on the putting surface.
Relief allowed under Rule 16.3 only when player’s ball is embedded in general area.
If the player is in an area that is not marked but feels he is entitled to relief an alternate ball may be played and a ruling may be obtained at the scoring table.

Our Golf Staff


Jay King


Head Golf Professional


Josh Armstrong


Assistant Golf Professional


Nathan Ball


Assistant Golf Professional


Golf Shop Contact


Fax: (828) 692-2262

Golf Shop Hours

October 1 – December 31
Tee Times Begin at 9:00 AM (watch for frost delays)
The Golf Shop Opens at 8:00 AM and Closes at 5:30 PM

January 1 – March 31
Tee Times Begin at 9:30 AM (watch for frost delays)
The Golf Shop Opens at 8:30 AM and Closes at 6:00 PM

April 1– September 30
Tee Times Begin at 8:00 AM
The Golf Shop Opens at 7:00 AM and Closes at 6:30 PM